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Contemporary Modular Black and White Houses by A-Cero

These great houses were presented by A-Cero Modular quite a while ago, in 2010, but we simply couldn’t leave them unviewed. A-Cero is a world-wide famous Spanish design studio, specializing in urban architecture and design. Unlike the huge luxury houses they built for the La-Finca residential area, modular department’s houses are much smaller and easier to construct. Just like any other modular homes they are built of prefabricated blocks. There are multiple configurations, from the cheapest two room and one storey version at 84,000 euros, to the most expensive Cubic that has two storey and reminds of the luxury Spanish villas the most and comes at 252,000 euros. The earlier presented version is called the black house and has black glossy facade thanks to the black windows glass and aluminum panels. It looks extremely cool, but newer white house is more welcoming and extraordinary with its black and white contrastive exterior. For more information visit this website.

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