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Unusual Collection ’010 Outdoor Table and Bench’ by Guilielmus

If you look at the works and projects of designer Stijn Guilielmus Ruys you’ll find many inimitable and unique things. His works are aimed on the rejection of the traditional understanding of the things (pieces of furniture) and re-look at them from a functional point of view. For example, why does the table need four legs, if he manages well with two? His ’010 Outdoor Table and Bench’ use only three supports for the whole construction. This unusual design provides an additional and convenient legroom in spite of visual tension while looking at it. The whole collection of tables and seating has a name why-more-legs-when-less-will-do.010 outdoor table bench guilielmus 4b 620x620 Unusual Collection 010 Outdoor Table and Bench by Guilielmus Read the rest of this entry »

Chaise Lounge by Freeline

A great part of our life is rest, and it would be a good thing if it is so. And even better to have an opportunity to relax al fresco. In such case the outdoor furniture takes a significant place to make the rest very comfortable. The chaise lounge by Freeline is perfect for outdoor rest in summer time. It is large enough for two people and has a stand for umbrella. The pillows can be set at different angles allowing you to sleep peacefully as well as to read a book or drink a cocktail. The chaise lounge can be separated into two individual beds, that is also convenient when there is not a large space for a single unit. In addition to all the opportunities it is easy to transfer due to the wheels and not heavy weight.
outdoor furniture chaise Chaise Lounge by Freeline Read the rest of this entry »

Beautiful and Elegant Outdoor Furniture by Dedon

Outdoor furniture company Dedon created casual, contemporary and luxurious City-Camp collection, which offers a new concept of the Outdoor Living Room. Taking inspiration from the base camps of ancient explorers, CITY CAMP serves as an all-in-one outdoor living unit for modern people. And it doesn’t matter where you are, on the sea coast, in the desert or on a metropolitan rooftop, CITY CAMP is your retreat, your shelter, a place you can relax and have a good time with family and friends. The collection includes the Daybed With Roof, swathed in billowing fabric, the Tatami mats and the roofed Garden Swing. Via

beautiful and elegant outdoor furniture by dedon 2 Beautiful and Elegant Outdoor Furniture by Dedon

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The Majestic REST Collection by A-cero for VONDOM

We have reviewed lots of architectural projects by Spanish A-cero Studio. This time they’ve created beautiful furniture items for VONDOM, and we can notice much in common with their architectural design. The awesome Rest collection was inspired by Origami, well-known Japanese art, and includes sofas, chairs, tables, lounges for outdoor area. Geometry, beauty and exclusivity are the base of the concept. Clear lines and simple shapes embodies style and luxury. Of course, all the items can be easily adapted to your needs and wishes due to modular technology. So, the new collection offers the maximum comfort and contemporary elegant design to its users.  

the majestic rest collection by a cero for vondom 2 thumb The Majestic REST Collection by A cero for VONDOM

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Hammock-style seat by Emanuele Magini

The time for outdoor leisure has been already started. So, you may be are looking for contemporary furniture to decorate your patio or terrace. This new outdoor bench, designed by Emanuele Magini for Italian furniture brand Campeggi, offers you comfortable place to sit, lie down and swing. Good point, that Siesta bench will be also actual for balconies, deck or restroom. This hammock-style seat features simple metal structure and fresh green light. From Emanuele Magini: ‘Sit and watch the clouds run, on a beautiful day, lying on a bench, and certainly one of the most pleasant moments of ordinary happiness. Siesta and a simple session, but unexpected, maintaining that the iconography of the outdoor bench, can be free, fun and comfortable’.

hammock style seat by emanuele magini 1 thumb Hammock style seat by Emanuele Magini

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Ukrainian Motives: Corian furniture collection by Yaroslav Galant

At the beginning of March the Ukrainian designer Yaroslav Galant presented his new furniture collection in Kiev. The Corian furniture was inspired by the traditional Ukrainian motives. The main colours of the collection are white, black and red as the colours of the native embroidery. It consists of such pieces as ottomans, sofa, various coffee tables, round dining table, bed, bed side tables, screen, wardrobe, rack, chandelier, TV & entertainment system cabinets, two types of wall boards, bath tub, wash sink, 4 mirrors and benches. The design let the furniture be used for either home interior or for hotel spaces. This unusual furniture can also become an outdoor one because of the superior stain-resistant qualities of solid DuPont™ Corian® material. It looks bright but elegant. Have a look.

ukrainian motives corian furniture collection by yaroslav galant 2 Ukrainian Motives: Corian furniture collection by Yaroslav Galant

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Pasha Armchair By Pedrali: The Mix Of Tradition And Innovation

At Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Pedrali announced new additions to its collection including ‘Pasha’, designed by Marco Pocci and Claudio Dondoli. This elegant and contemporary armchair is the perfect synthesis of tradition and innovation. Pasha is suitable for using either in restaurants and hotels or at home. And it also will be good for both indoor and outdoor interior. Made from injection-moulded polycarbonate, the chair is available in white and black, and comes in a glossy finish or a transparent version.

pasha armchair by pedrali the mix of tradition and innovation 2 Pasha Armchair By Pedrali: The Mix Of Tradition And Innovation

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Weatherproof Furniture for Your Outdoor Living Space

It’s nice to rest when it’s sunny outdoors, and in warm geography that’s where you spend the most of your time. But obviously you can’t just stick the ordinary sofa to you backyard and sit there – the first happening rain will destroy it. Maku Furniture offers an elegant solution for the outdoor living space – teak sectional furniture. The sustainable teak is specially plantation grown and finished to repel moist. The cushions are poly fill with waterproof fabrics by Sunbrella. Sure they would get wet during the rain, but they are drying very soon too. The weatherproof furniture is also great for your patio because it looks just like an ordinary contemporary furniture and helps to unite your indoor and outdoor living areas and sometimes visually expand the inner space of your house. You can order it online here.

clip image001 thumb31 Weatherproof Furniture for Your Outdoor Living Space

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