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Plastic design stools

Plastic design stools by Henry Massonnet
Sometimes we want to make our quick and tense life more simple and clean. We’re tired of severe architecture and complicated design forms. Plastic design stool BRANEX by Henry Massonnet is an example of very light and simple design. Unusual form, very easy and gallant, no corners and rough borders.  Plastic stools BRANEX are very comfortable for kitchen and hall. When guests come it’s very convenient to use them because of small size. You can always try to experiment with plastic stools using different colors, texture and  styles. Everybody can choose stool to his taste. It can be krystal – very beautiful colored plastic imitating glass, graph – with stylish graphics on them, freaks – very popular for teenagers and may be very useful for clubs, chrome, fluo, trends and others. Try to make your life easy going!

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