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Aurelia Lamps by QisDesign

Design studio QisDesign (Taiwan) has created beautiful and mesmerizing lighting series Aurelia, inspired by underwater creature – the Moon Jellyfish. The energy-efficient LED lamp has very pleasant soft lighting that resembles the serenity of the deep ocean, and an elegant shape that allows to hide the LEDs right inside, to create a warm color glow. In addition the table lamp has a three-way “touch ring” dimmer for convenient luminosity adjustment. “LED’s directional characteristic lets the light reflect directly on the inner shade’s strips”, it helps to create translucent tranquil ambience. The variety of beautiful colors makes the effect of the lighting is even more magical.
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Coral LED Light by QisDesign

The name of this amazing assembly of LED lighting fixtures is a Coral Light. These beautiful lamps are inspired by the lighting of corals in the ocean. The assembly is designed by QisDesign – big specialists in different types of lightings, they try to combine innovative technology and sophisticated design to achieve perfection. Coral LED lamps are particularly attractive when they are in groups at different heights. The special light diffusion technique allows the light from every LED bulb to evenly distribute on the edge of each diffuser. The assembly includes tabletop lamps, floor lamps and pendant lights. Wide range of available colors and their combination can beautify the table, wall, ceiling or a floor.
Coral LED Lamp1 Coral LED Light by QisDesign
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Magic Table Lamp Aurelia by QisDesign

Taiwan-based QisDesign studio has created the Aurelia lighting series. Aurelia is an extraordinarily beautiful lamp, inspired by Moon Jellyfish. Its soft light creates calm and relax feeling and evokes a sense of tranquility bordering on a trance state. This LED table lamp offers a delight for not only your eyes but also your sense of touch. With a three-way “touch ring” dimmer, it enables easy luminosity adjustment. Glare is eliminated thanks to LED’s small-size characteristic, making it possible to hide the LEDs in the center. Create a mysterious atmosphere with its subtle glow. Different colors are available. Via

magic table lamp aurelia by qisdesign 2 Magic Table Lamp Aurelia by QisDesign

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Elegant LED lamps by QisDesign

QisDesign from Taiwan presented a project of LED lamp called Coral Reef. Modern, elegant, unique, it is sure to become a desirable piece of furniture and find its place in many homes around the world. Coral Reef is available as floor or table lamp. These handmade items feature an adjustable lighting platform, and are activated by a touch dimmer on the stand. Users can turn it on or change the lighting angle by simply tapping on the stand and play with the lighting platform. Thanks to LED’s small size and low temperature that makes it possible to maneuver the lamp, the interactive design, surpassing traditional lamp’s limitation, allows user to create their own desired lighting effect and ambience.

elegant led lamps by qisdesign 2 Elegant LED lamps by QisDesign

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