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Red interior

Awesome Flower Interior Design of Space C by ROW Studio

ROW Studio has created bright and lively Espacio C, the training facility of Coca Cola company which is located at the Mixcoac Distribution Center on the southwestern area of Mexico City. In Spanish it means Space C (C for the initials of Coca Cola, Training, Quality, Commitment and Creativity). The concept consists of three separate rooms that can be joined together for common works, a mediateque, snacks bar, souvenir store, data and electrical connections and storage space. There are two small rooms where could come together 8 persons, each of them can be used for teamwork, brainstorming, as reading rooms or for informal meetings. The large main hall was designed for formal training sessions, lectures and presentations. As we can see on pictures interiors are extremely bright, so they were surely designed for creative people. And of course the main color is red.

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