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Unusual Collection ’010 Outdoor Table and Bench’ by Guilielmus

If you look at the works and projects of designer Stijn Guilielmus Ruys you’ll find many inimitable and unique things. His works are aimed on the rejection of the traditional understanding of the things (pieces of furniture) and re-look at them from a functional point of view. For example, why does the table need four legs, if he manages well with two? His ’010 Outdoor Table and Bench’ use only three supports for the whole construction. This unusual design provides an additional and convenient legroom in spite of visual tension while looking at it. The whole collection of tables and seating has a name why-more-legs-when-less-will-do.010 outdoor table bench guilielmus 4b 620x620 Unusual Collection 010 Outdoor Table and Bench by Guilielmus Read the rest of this entry »

Darwin Table Shaped Genetic Code

At Ventura Lambrate in Milan 2013 a Dutch studio Tjep. with a Netherlands-based company Dutch DNA presented the first item from their joint collection. A map of genetic code is the basis of design of Darwin table. The owner of the genetic code was a dancer Giulia Wolthuis’, the daughter of Eric Voltheisa, the founder of the Dutch DNA. The data of the code were converted into charts with a help of a special program and then were built up into 3D forms. As a result the unusual form of the table has occurred. Designers believe that the unique form of everyone’s DNA can be used to create personal furniture pieces of their future collection.
darwin06 620x412 Darwin Table Shaped Genetic Code Read the rest of this entry »

Very Elegant Coffee Table by Alessandro Di Prisco

“Silk” coffee table, designed by talented Italian architect and designer Alessandro Di Prisco, whose works were presented and awarded at many architecture and design competitions in Italy and abroad. The table is made from a single thermoformed sheet of Corian (1 x 1 meter). Thanks to an extraordinary design it looks like a silk shawl floating in the air and fluttering by the wind. Seeming lightness contrasts with the actual strength of the material from which the table is made. The “waves” of the “Silk” serve both as its surface and as a support for it. Very elegant coffee table will be more suitable for the office or living room.
silk coffee table by alessandro di prisco Very Elegant Coffee Table by Alessandro Di Prisco Read the rest of this entry »

Swing Table with Swinging Chairs by Duffy London

This ensemble was created by British design group duffy london to make a dinner time a little bit funny and bright. Eight chairs float around the table under the central GEO lampshade that mysteriously illuminats everything happening underneath. It is very comfortable to sit on a swinging chair, drinking tea and talking with nice people and incidentally doing helpful exercises for a posture. Construction is made of a steel frame and wooden table top. Placed in the garden or courtyard or even in the big kitchen it will be suitable for a big house with a large family and numerous companies.
swing chairs2 Swing Table with Swinging Chairs by Duffy London
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Magical Table by Essey

Do you want to surprise your friends and become a magician for them? With an Illusion Side Table by Essey it is quite possible. Illusion is a handmade side table of 3 mm acrylic. The matter is that it looks like a table cloth on the round table. It is a special translucent table, all models are handmade and unique that makes it more precious. The object uses the structural strength of the folded material to create a magical and surprising experience – an illusion. Such interesting and modern table creates a mysterious atmosphere in any house. This masterpiece of the designer’s thought is available in clear, ice, white, grey, brown, black and red colours. Give a touch of mysteriousness and illusion to your house with this stunning table.

clip image001 thumb41 Magical Table by Essey

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