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Xuan Lamp by INNOVO

Chinese design company INNOVO has created the collection of  original pendant lamps. Xuan, that means disorder, could brighten up any boring interior and add natural motifs. Looking at the photo, you can hardly guess that the lamp is made ​​of bamboo. But it’s true. The bamboo has been cut into very fine and smooth slices and twisted accordingly, giving the design a delicate appearance. And I should note one more interesting feature – Xuan can turn into a dancing lamp. If you just open the window, you’ll see  fluttering and dancing  fibers of bamboo. Visit the designer’s site here.

xuan lamp by innovo 3 thumb Xuan Lamp by INNOVO

xuan lamp by innovo 1 thumb Xuan Lamp by INNOVO

xuan lamp by innovo 2 thumb Xuan Lamp by INNOVO

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