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Florensis lamps by Artemide

The beauty of the lamp Florensis was achieved due to the use of new technologies of working with aluminum and other metals. During the manufacturing process the convergence of two different flows and processes are used. The main form of the lamp is extruded in a linear way, whilst the Bud is machined into its nature form. The design of the shade has not only aesthetic but also technological function to ensure proper illumination with the use of LED technology. There are two dimmable versions of the lamp: floor and wall. Artemide company presented Florenses in its new collection in ISaloni 2013 (Milan).
lamp12 620x387 Florensis lamps by Artemidelamp Florensis lamps by Artemidelamp2 620x451 Florensis lamps by Artemidelamp3 Florensis lamps by Artemidelamp4 Florensis lamps by Artemide

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