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Futuristic Wash basin Integrated into the Wall: by Antonio Lupi

Antonio Lupi has presented new futuristic wash basin, which is perfectly integrated into the wall. It seemed nothing new can come up with bathroom products and accessories. But this bathroom sink, ironically named “Silenzio” (Silence), caused a sensation not only in bathroom products’ industry, but in the aesthetic impact of design too. To match the design of the room, after the installation the sink should be painted in the color of the walls such a way as if it has merged with the surface. Special effect produces integrated system illumination. If one stands directly perpendicular to the wall in front of the sink, only lighting lets you know about the presence of the sink.
wall integrated wash basin by antonio lupi silence 2 620x422 Futuristic Wash basin Integrated into the Wall: by Antonio Lupi Read the rest of this entry »

Splended ‘Light’ collection by Sopha Industries

Bathroom interior includes various components. They are: the right choice of bathroom equipment and plumbing, furniture and decorative materials, rational location of interior space in the bathroom. Sopha Industries (France) is well known for its bathroom equipment and interior since 1973. Their latest work is a concept into a ‘Light’ collection. Tubs and sinks with built-in 20W halogen lamps designed by Jan Puylaert. Colorful lamps, located in a semi-transparent polyethylene boxes, create a unique magical light. Wall-mounted sink and the tub have usual shape and their dimension is rather small, that creates an even greater effect. This modern collection will make your bathroom splendid.
halogen lights in sopha tub and sink Splended Light collection by Sopha Industries Read the rest of this entry »

Bookshelf with Letters by Studio Saporiti

Roberto Saporiti and Eva Alessandrini from Italian Studio Saporiti have given the opportunity to enjoy the “ABC” bookshelf to the world. The design of this product has defined its name. The bookshelf consists of individual cubes that have various partitions within. Due to the partitions the cubes form numbers and letters, which can be organized into the sentences, as if they are written with a help of the pieces of boards. So we have a “speaking” bookshelf. On the photo below you can read a sentence “read your book case”. The cubes of three different sizes can be assembled not only into a bookcase. Using your fantasy you can construct different combinations making a table or a chair, for example.

store2 620x482 Bookshelf with Letters by Studio Saporiti

cubes with “read your book case” – sentence

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Contemporary Cesta Heater by Ewa Maria Sendecka

Ewa Maria Sendecka in collaboration with Kristian Larsen presented beautiful Cesta Heater which forms a basket. As you see on pictures bellow the item is very convenient due to opportunity to put towels in it or hang them over. So you needn’t worry about towel when you’re in a hurry and just throw it in the basket. And you don’t have to think about placing it, straighten it perfectly. You can also easily hang them neatly on the horizontal bars going across. The last point, Cesta Heater looks modern and original and will fit any bathroom design. The project got 2nd place in Terma Technologie international design contest.

contemporary cesta heater by ewa maria sendecka 2 Contemporary Cesta Heater by Ewa Maria Sendecka

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Creative Bathroom Furniture for Kids

If you want to train your children to the hygiene, you should pay attention to this bright collection of bathroom furniture by Laufen. All the items from Florakids are colorful and safety due to absence of sharp edges or corners. The collection includes a basin in the shape of a flower blossom, cloud like shelving, mirrors that can be lined up in series to create a funny caterpillar. The special toilet seats have a mini back support and are small in diameter, so children are not afraid of falling in. So the collection provides all necessary items to decorate bathroom in kindergarten or in your private house. White, red and green colors are available.

creative bathroom furniture for kids 2 Creative Bathroom Furniture for Kids

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Creative and funny Sanitaryware Collection by Artceram

The Italian company Artceram has created an aesthetic and whimsical sanitaryware collection called Cow. It consists of cool four-legged toilets, bidets, and sink basins inspired by coloration and thickset constitution of dairy cattle. The main colors are black and white and you could choose different models. I especially like a funny one splattered with cow spots. Designers also offer minimalist pieces such as laconic white items or all black on the outside and white on the inside. On the last picture there is the strangest variant which is divided by dotted lines into areas that make reference to different cuts of meat. In spite of the originality of design, this collection will appeal to many who appreciate style and elegance.

creative and funny sanitaryware collection by artceram 2 Creative and funny Sanitaryware Collection by Artceram

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Glass Toothbrush Holders by Brad Turner

Canadian artist Brad Turner creates functional glass objects with focus on originality, diversity and clean design. So, he offers hand-made items fusing centuries old techniques and modern sensibilities. Today we are going to review his recent work Toothbrush Holder. It was made from solid glass, each holder has a stable, weighted base that  likes to stay put. You can choose from different colors. As we know the toothbrush is one of the most personal objects, that is why it needs its own home. Visit Brad Turner‘ site for more glass items.

glass toothbrush holders by brad turner 1 thumb Glass Toothbrush Holders by Brad Turner

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The CUNA Bathtub by Carlo Colombo

The CUNA bathtub was created by Italian designer  Carlo Colombo for Antonio Lupi to provide high level of comfort and complete relaxation. Its design is supposed to make the piece a “protagonist” in a luxury modern bathroom; it certainly demands attention. The item is really welcoming due to its special form: base shape is rectangular, but sides are rounded. Of course, the main feature is high, important backrest. So you will spend pleasant moments there, lying in the tub and enjoying the comfort and luxury. These bathtubs are available in white and white and olive colors. Check the Antonio Lupi site for more details.

the cuna bathtub by carlo colombo 1 thumb The CUNA Bathtub by Carlo Colombo

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