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Stylish and Easy Assembled Bed by Linda Altmann and Oliver Krapf

The award winner in the 2013 Interior Innovation Awards – the Tiefschlaf and the Tiefschlaf II designed by Linda Altmann and Oliver Krapf for STADTNOMADEN – is distinguished by their stylish and modern design. It is a modular furniture that is very easy to assemble and to transport. There are two different styles of bed the difference between which is in the built-in headboard for the Tiefschlaf II. The optional backrest can be fitted on any side of the bed. In addition both types of bed have three finishes and adjustable stainless steel feet. The basis of the bed consists of wood modules that are easily fastened together and easily disassembled. Elegance of design with ease of use makes this bed suitable for any room.
bed in walnut IIHIH 620x415 Stylish and Easy Assembled Bed by Linda Altmann and Oliver Krapf Read the rest of this entry »

‘Desk Bed’ for Office by Studio NL

Most part of our life we devote to the work. Sometimes we are overcome with tiredness till the point when we hardly restrain ourselves not to fall asleep. Whilst it is proved that 15-20 minutes of a full-fledged sleep is much better than attempting to restrain oneself from a slumber for a long time. Innovative ‘desk bed’ was designed by Athanasia Leivaditou of Studio NL exactly for such situations. It is desk-transformer, that can be easily converted into a bed, continuing to be a table at the same time. This desk will be also very good for people working at home office. The product is made out of wood, leather and plexiglass.
Desk Bed3 620x470 Desk Bed for Office by Studio NL Read the rest of this entry »

Multifunctional Modular Furniture for Bedrooms

Italian company Tumidei has many wonderful ideas and furniture items for children’s and teenagers’ bedrooms. Multifunctional modular pieces of furniture, combining functionality of different purposes simultaneously, are made especially for tight spaces. There are very nice solutions of different combinations for multiple kids. The lofted twin beds with cabinets or a desk inside of them, the stairs with drawers and many other ideas. The key idea of almost all solutions is using of lofted bed, allowing for maximum savings of space. The range of color scheme is very large, that makes the bedrooms very stylish and beautiful. The material of furniture is ecologically friendly.
tumedei1 620x515 Multifunctional Modular Furniture for Bedrooms Read the rest of this entry »

‘Collerette’ Puof with a Blanket by Les M Design Studio

You will not find better and more extraordinary place to rest in front of the TV than the wonderful pouf by Les M Design Studio, which is called ‘Collerette’. The chair with blanket is ideal when it gets cold and uncomfortable, especially when it is used as an outdoor seating. Using the pouf together with a sofa, you can create an extraordinary bed. The poufs are designed as a single and double version, depending on size. However, double ‘Collerette’ can be used as a small sofa or a small chair. The rolled-up blanket doubles as a back and the armrests of the seat.
collerette 1 620x826 ‘Collerette’ Puof with a Blanket by Les M Design Studio Read the rest of this entry »

Multifunctional Furniture Badac by Sang A Choi

It is very profitable to have multifunctional furniture in view of economy of space and comfort. But what we knew about such furniture earlier has nothing in common with what Sang A Choi has invented. Korean designer has managed one piece of furniture – Badac – to combine with functions of four different furniture items that are crafted into eight pieces. Each piece can be detached from the general construction, when necessary, and can be used independently. So the Badac is the perfect solution to someone who lives alone or in a small area room. Like a transformer, it can be turned upside down, allowing you to use it as a shelf, a lamp, a coffee table and two seats. Turning several parts or excluding some of them from the general construction, Badac can be transformed into a single bed or a large seat. On top of that it is a perfect piece of furniture for your fantasy, which will certainly allow you to come up with even newer purposes for it.
badac multi purpose furniture sang a choi 003 620x409 Multifunctional Furniture Badac by Sang A Choi Read the rest of this entry »

Comfortable Bed and Sleeping Bag Totoro

Children adore sleeping with soft toys. And the softer the toys the more willing to take them to the bed, using as an extra pillow or even as a defender from the night monsters. Giant sleeping bag-pillow Totoro Bed, copied from the main character of the wonderful animated movie My Neighbor Totoro, will be comfortable not only for children but also for adults. Despite its apparent childishness, full-sized Totoro Bed will be quite enough to accommodate two adults or three or four kids. Genial soft giant Totoro is a wonderful place for children to play or for relaxing with a book or laptop. It is available through Ebay.
Totoro 14 620x465 Comfortable Bed and Sleeping Bag Totoro Read the rest of this entry »

“Cut” Sofa by Domenico de Palo

The extraordinary surface appearance of this sofa will be more suitable for a futuristic style of some modern club, or for a strict style of an office space. «Cut» is a creation of Italian designers Domenico de Palo that was presented At the Salone Internazionale Del Mobile exhibition. Both ergonomic and simple in construction the sofa is extremely comfortable as for one person so as for a company of guests. Pulled out part of the sofa provides more space and the opportunity to sit face to the remainder. When using the sofa by one person this pulled out part allows, for example, to put a hand on it comfortably. The construction of the “cut” has an internal metal frame with padding in polyurethane covered with acrylic polyamide velvet. Removable cover can be in fabric or leather.
contemporary furniture sofas Cut Sofa by Domenico de Palo Read the rest of this entry »

“Zero Day Bed”: Stylish and Beautiful Piece of Furniture by Fanstudio

Fanstudio have designed a really stylish and beautiful piece of furniture. It is a “Zero Day Bed” – circular bed with a shell that can be opened, or closed to offer protection and privacy for your doze. The design was inspired by “the natural movement of plants that open and close, and turn to capture sunlight and protect themselves from rain, wind or the night”. This natural futuristic look, resembling the landing flying saucer, perfectly harmonizes with unprecedented functionality of the bed. For total comfort the top end of the bed can be raised. Made out of anodized aluminium, stainless steel, glass or carbon fiber and wrapped with the newest Italian textiles this amazing Zero product is available in combinations of white, black and silver.
Zero Collection Fanstudio img3 620x348 “Zero Day Bed”: Stylish and Beautiful Piece of Furniture by  Fanstudio Read the rest of this entry »

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