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Kitchen Renovation by CUBE Architecten

CUBE Architecten has renovated the interior of the Amsterdam apartment. The owner of the apartment is a cookery expert, so the main task for the architects – Pieter van der Pot and Marloes van Heteren – was to develop a distinctive original kitchen, which had to be not only for cooking but for communication with the guests also. The solution was to make an extended room of white Corian, accommodating all the basic functionality of the kitchen together with a spacious dining table. The tabletop gently curves down and goes into the console dining table for 6 persons, effectively hovering in the air without any support. The architects have used to advantage the peculiarity of the apartment – different-level height. On the highest level the podium lounges with windows facing the canal is located, a bit lower there is a working part of the kitchen, and at the very bottom a dining area with access to the patio is located.
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Coffee Table Shaped Real Audio Tape

Very original table has presented Jeff Skierka. It is a 12:1 scaled replica of a real audio tape and just like a real cassette it is reversible and has sides A and B. This kind of furniture very advantageously will fit into the interior of modern kitchen or any other room. Coffee table is made of reclaimed maple, lucite and walnut and is a result of hard work. Now we can watch a first prototype, future versions will be CNC machined. The goal of Jeff Skierka is “to combine my love for materials with my interest in highly functional objects, user-experience and design“. So this table is the best indicator of his success.
Mixtape Table2 620x377 Coffee Table Shaped Real Audio Tape
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