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Ugly ex-contemporary chairs

Ugly ex-contemporary chairs

This is a first post in our brand new blog and to start with lets imagine how all the modern things we are going to review here will look… suppose in a hundred years. To do that better, take a look at this grizzly-chair that has been once presented to the US president, and so obviously was considered very cool. Nowadays only a few people would put anything like this in their living room, not only because of it’s archaic design, but also because it’s made of murdered bears and doesn’t fit into the green concept. We still don’t know weither it is made of one mutant bear with 6 paws, or two handicapped three-pawed bears. The second chair has a similar idea and even though it’s not as old as the first one, it would probably still shock the witnessing Greenpeace participant to death.

Ugly ex-contemporary chairs
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