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Luxury Interiors

Photo Frame and Lamp in one Project – Splite – by Jaakko van ‘t Spijker

Rotterdam-based designer Jaakko van ‘t Spijker has invented lamp with a new purpose: this is a lamp-picture with a personal owner’s photo. Splite (the name of the lamp) consists of photo frame together with an ambient light and 3D printed sculpture. Individual photographs are integral part of the resulting product. Buyers provide a set of photographs or pictures, which are mounted directly in the lights. Thus, when the owner gets tired of the picture, it can be easily replaced by the next out of the set. There are different kinds of lamps: they are hanging lights, wall lights and table lights. The stylish lamp spreads a soft light that gives the photos an original vivifying effect.
splite light jvantspijker 3b 620x620 Photo Frame and Lamp in one Project   Splite   by Jaakko van t Spijker Read the rest of this entry »

Hadron Lamp with Electroluminescent Wire Inside by Joe Doucet

To add a bit of chaos into your room you can simply place a Hadron Lamp in a conspicuous place. This stylish hand-blown lamp is a brainchild of Joe Doucet, one of the most sought after creative talents working in America. Hadron Lamp contains 20 meters of electroluminescent wire magically appearing through the translucent black glass. As Doucet says “It’s often said that a little chaos can lighten up any situation”, and it is really so. From May 17th to 20th, 2013 in New York, Joe Doucet will be presenting Hadron Lamp at Wanted Design.
hadron lamp joe doucet 3b 620x826 Hadron Lamp with Electroluminescent Wire Inside by Joe Doucet Read the rest of this entry »

‘Contrast’ is a motto of architects of M House

M House Project by Architect Marcel Luchian has a very unusual and arresting design, that primarily caused by contrast: composition of used material – glass and concrete, contrast of colors – matted dark and glossy bright, the contrast of forms of two shifted relatively to each other floors. As if the motto of the basis of the architects’ design was a contrast. The luxury residence is situated in Singera, Moldavia. The interior minimalist design is also surprising by the unusual combinations of textures, light and shadow. The heating and air conditioning system are provided. M House Project will be presented at the 2013 GIS Architecture Expo Conference.
m house project marcel luchian 05 620x372 Contrast is a motto of architects of  M House Read the rest of this entry »

New Office for Ogilvy & Mather in Paris by Stéphane Malka Architecture

On the Champs-Elysees in Paris the new headquarters of Ogilvy & Mather has opened after reconstruction. The total building’s area is 7500m², so there was enough space for creativity. Especially for this project designers from Stéphane Malka Architecture has developed a modular system of transformable furniture, based on cubic elements of different heights. The main idea was to create an office space symbolizing contemporary dense city (Paris). New pieces of furniture were included into the interior of the office, such as: Inhabited Walls, Wkbench, Mutant Grounds, Wa-Walls. Contrasting colors of the ceilings and walls and unusual furnishing make office space striking and very functional at the same time. For more details you can visit the site.
office7 620x413 New Office for Ogilvy & Mather in Paris by Stéphane Malka Architecture Read the rest of this entry »

Luxurious ‘Darius’ Armchair by Leolux

Darius is an incredibly comfortable chair designed by Jan Armgardt from Leolux. The armchair with its high back is very similar to the throne, shaped as if enveloping the user sitting in it. The armrests, smoothly flowing out of the solid mass, also give an important contribution to comfort. Together with an ottoman for feet this piece of furniture is perfect for rest and relaxation. By supplementing with a neat little table the armchair looks very elegant and chic. One more advantage is that the colorful interchangeable upholstery can be chosen for the front and rear separately. And the frame, ending the silhouette of chair can also be selected from the high-gloss chrome, satin chrome or lacquer/epoxy.
2013 luxury loungers from leolux darius 1 620x413 Luxurious Darius Armchair by Leolux Read the rest of this entry »

Colorful Collection of ‘Multiverse’ Wallpapers by Karim Rashid

The famous designer Karim Rashid has presented a bright and colorful collection of wallpapers called ‘Multiverse’. The collection, designed for the Italian brand Glamora, has a unique style that is peculiar to the talented designer. Coloring of wallpapers is characterized by a richness of optical effects and illusions, resembling a bizarre kaleidoscope. Multiverse collection includes nine models of wallpaper in four color variants: Orb, Miasma, Auro and Dazzle. ‘Multiverse’ will be perfect for rooms of young people and for clubs, or for those people who wants to add some novelty and brightness to his interior design.

multiverse wallpaper karim rashid 2b 620x620 Colorful Collection of  Multiverse Wallpapers by Karim Rashid


Read the rest of this entry »

Amazing apartment on the seacoast of the Black Sea by Re-Act Now

Located right on the Romanian seacoast of the Black Sea, in the historic town of Constanta, the apartment has not only stunning surroundings, but also an extraordinary interior. Designers, Re-Act Now, made everything best to avoid blank walls and to provide a great view with a beautiful seacoast. Glass partitions of bright colors are used instead of habitual walls. One more special thrill, added by creative designers, is a 3M Radiant Color Film stacked directly on the glass. Because of it a bizarre Refraction of Light is produced. Play of colors dilutes the overall whiteness prevailing in the paint of interiors.
apartment12 620x410 Amazing apartment on the seacoast of the Black Sea by Re Act Now Read the rest of this entry »

Unique Painted Furniture by Moooi

The collection by Moooi is distinguished by the unusual mixture of several styles. On the one hand, it will add some vintage style to your room due to the use of traditional Frankish furniture elements and medieval decor. But on the other hand on closer examination the filigree patterns have turned into a “mess” of drawings, among which the skulls, flowers, feathers, crosses, nails, and other characters can be distinguished. Designers dedicate this collection to the philosophical idea about a dual nature of man. The painted furniture, designed by Studio Job, includes wardrobe, chest and grandfather clock. Each piece, made of solid pine stained white and painted, have a unique, hand-made quality.
moooi 9005 620x620 Unique Painted Furniture by Moooi Read the rest of this entry »

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