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Colorful Collection of  'Multiverse' Wallpapers by Karim Rashid
The famous designer Karim Rashid has presented a bright and colorful collection of wallpapers called 'Multiverse'. The collection, designed for the Italian brand Glamora, has a unique style that is peculiar to the talented designer. Coloring of wallpapers is characterized by a richness of optical effects and illusions, resembling a bizarre kaleidoscope. Multiverse collection includes nine models of wallpaper in four color variants: Orb, Miasma, Auro and Dazzle. 'Multiverse' will be perfect for rooms of young people and for clubs, or for those people who wants to add some novelty and brightness to his interior design. [caption id="attachment_24336" align="aligncenter" width="620"] ORB[/caption]

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