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“Lovely Chair Set” by Velichko Velikov

All the products of this talented designer are characterized by uniqueness, elegance and splendor. Velichko Velikov has a long history in design and is a highly successful figure in Europe. His “Lovely chair set” begins its history since 2003 when he was awarded for Lovely chair. Now he has presented the set of similar chairs, among them are Lovely chair bar-stool and already known Lovely chair. The design of the chair is rather simple: steel frame upholstered with a fabric. But the appearance of it attracts and amazes with its noble view, like a throne the lovely chair elevates any room making it a palace.
chair1 “Lovely Chair Set” by Velichko Velikov

chair2 “Lovely Chair Set” by Velichko Velikov


chair3 “Lovely Chair Set” by Velichko Velikov

lovely chairs

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