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Growing Tables by Austrian Designers Perludi
It’s always difficult to choose convenient table and chair for a child. Children become higher with every month and it’s not good for them to use the same furniture. Austrian furniture designers Perludi have introduced an adjustable table CASPAR for children, which is designed to be able to grow in height. The design and form of the table are very simple but pursue the philosophy of ergonomic, versatile and environment-friendly children’s furniture. In combination with a solid-wood tabletop colorful legs impart an infantine look to the table. The legs are placed into the tabletop and secured with rings made from natural rubber. To adjust the height you can simply slide the legs up or down within their holes. The construction is very simple and genial. Such design is very important from the perspective of renewable resources and short transport routes for a low carbon footprint.
[caption id="attachment_22476" align="alignnone" width="620"] growing table[/caption]

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