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Amazing ice room

"Beam Me Up" room in Ice Hotel by Christian Strömqvist, Karl-Johan Ekeroth and PINPIN Studio
This amazing room is located in the Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. Panorama of "Beam Me Up" room is absolutely unreal: ice forest and flying saucers with the beams of light coming out of them and trying to pick you up at faraway unknown galaxies. The walls and the ceiling are made out of snow whilst the beams are made of the ice from the clearest Torne River (Sweden). "In the suite, the visitors should feel like they are a part of a story, that something is going on around them and that they are involved." say PINPIN, the creator of "Beam Me Up". PINPIN Studio is known for their works with design for play and play situations especially for children.

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