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Modular Water Parks Designed by Wibit
Do you like to swim? Almost everybody does, especially when it’s a swimming with a fun. The German company Wibit Sports GmbH produces various types of water standalone inflatable modules that can be installed in lakes, open water locations and pools. It’s the best amusement not only for children but for grownups too. The sun provides us with the necessary supply of vitamins and sports elements develop motoric skill. A very important advantage of such parks is that they can be assembled in various combinations. You can make a small modular water park for local pool or it can be assembled to a large park for the camps. The modules include different water sports elements, such as trampolines, swings, slides, balance beams, climbing walls and others. So everybody can choose a module to his taste.
[caption id="attachment_22550" align="aligncenter" width="620"] wibit parks[/caption]

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