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Cyril de Moulins

Bookcase and Coffee Table in one by Cyril de Moulins
Despite its small size, this bookcase is able to accommodate a lot of books. Designed by Cyril de Moulins in the style of classic Scandinavian buffet of the 1950s and '60s, the 'Club Sandowich ' has rather more functionality than ordinary bookshelves. First of all, it is equipped with special mobile colored elastics that can be easily moved around, allowing you to see the spines of the books and extract the book you want. Secondly, the middle part of the shelf is equipped with a special hanging shelf, on which you can place, for example, books that most interest you at this time. In addition, 'Club Sandowich ' can be added by special separators that allow you to sort the books by sections. Well, after all, it is rather pretty and convenient coffee table.

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