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Project 14 by Australian Building Designer Dane Richardson

This large contemporary building was designed by and constructed under the supervision of Dane Richardson, the Australian professional architect running the Dane Design Australia studio in Dunsborough. A distinctive feature of this house’s architecture is the structure consisting of multiple hanging out modules, creating a huge open-air living area beneath. The western and eastern wings of the building have children’s bedrooms, TV room, bathroom, guest room and master bedroom. All of the private rooms have ordinary sized windows, whereas the central hall literally has glass walls to unite the inner house’s space with the patio and open the breathtaking view to the surrounding landscape. Electronic window blinds are installed to protect against excessive sunlight or evening coolness. The house is also equipped with a full range of energy and water saving devices. The wooden entrance door brought to Australia from the Indian temple looks pretty aloof and yet brings individuality to the house. More information about this and other houses by Dane Design Australia can be found on their website here.

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