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High-tech and ergonomic lamp

Cosmic Amulet by Alessandro Mendini
Alessandro Mendini, art director of Ramun Company, made a kind of breakthrough in the field of lamp design. His “amuleto” (amulet, It.) desk lamp was the first case of using a new light source in a slim lamp design. The circular construction of the lamp provides an ideal protection for the eye and the uniformity of lighting. “Amuleto” has 60 LEDs, uniformly distributed in a circular construct. In the basis of the lamp design there are three circles, symbolizing the trinity of the Earth, Sun and Moon. The first circle is the base, the middle one is the brace mechanism protected by a patent and the top one is the most magical and beautiful 'light-crown of LEDs'. There is a wide range of bright colors with a slight transparency, making it more magic and attractive. The whole design of the “Amuleto” shows high-tech and ergonomic features of the product.

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