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Holes in the walls

T-house in Tokyo by Hiroyuki Shinozaki
This T-house, located in the centre of Tokyo, was planned especially for a couple (designed by Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects). Extraordinary design and chaotic arrangement of the rooms is very suitable for people who don’t like commonness. There are some holes in the walls and floors to connect the rooms together. The very top level has four holes in the floor which give the room a cross-shaped layout. Small ladders connect rooms and a staircase with shelves inside leads up from the studio on the ground floor to the dining room. Inside of one of the holes there is an area for study, the ceiling of which is used as a desk on the floor above. Many of lamps of different height hang from the top to illuminate every room. General view of a house gives the impression of rather open and free space, maybe not enough secure for free movement inside, but very peculiar and interesting. [caption id="attachment_22590" align="aligncenter" width="620"] t-house[/caption]

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