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House of bamboo

Effective Low Energy House of Ecological Bamboo Sticks
The main and almost the only building material for this house in Rotselaar (Belgium) was bamboo. Architects say that in terms of the ratio of quality and ease of gaining, it cannot be compared with any other material. A thick twig can shoot up in only three years. AST 77 Architecten have built this long and narrow home replacing the old buildings and running construction along an existing old retaining wall. The dwelling of the house is 26.3 m long and only 4.5 m wide. In the past there was a residential recreation zone, where people used to build their summer houses. Trees surrounding the house provide shade in summer and sun rays of daylight in winter. The house can be called an effective low energy house due to the heat pump, floor heating, extensive insulation, and a ventilation system.

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