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The Minlab of the Danish Government
Denmark has been always the country of the freedom of expression and fantasies. And new fresh ideas are usually supported by the government. And this object is not the exception. The Minlab is a meeting facility, organized by the Danish government and designed by “easyoffces”, located in the Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs in Copenhagen. The aim of the whole internal design of the minlab is to achieve a successful work and ease of the exposition of ideas. The main construction is a conference room made in a shape of tank-like-egg. Inside of the room all the walls, floors and ceiling are colored in white and represent the board to write on it. Thus, this design is ideal for meetings. Now we can be sure that a Danish government’s job will not be stifling and boring.
[caption id="attachment_22534" align="alignnone" width="600"] Danish minlab[/caption]

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