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Mimo Bathroom Collection by Laufen: May Be Pink?

Do you want to create a flirty and romantic atmosphere in your bathroom? Then you will be interested in the Mimo Collection by Laufen. The ideas presented by the designer are endless. The main colour of the collection is “pink”. Everything is pink: the sink, the curtain, the closet, even the walls. This Mimo design looks very chic and joyful. Laufen created three colour combinations which call up different associations. Laufen’s bathroom designs are sensual when it’s match with black colour and has exotic essence. Put it with white backdrop and it will then look very elegant or compete against the hot pink walls, then you will get a girly expression. The bathroom may be complemented by pink toilet lid, pink sink base and stopper and the handy shelves. With such design you will create unique and stylish atmosphere.

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