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Treehugger Pavilion by Holger Hoffmann, One Fine Day
Christoph Krause, director of “Center for Design, Manufacturing and Communication” in Koblenz initiated a project called “Treehugger”. It is a temporary pavilion, the kind of pavilions that are not intended to some special functionality, but their forms and design bring the inspiration and emotional rise. The appearance of pavilion resembles the cells of a pentagonal shape, made of glass and timber. When one is inside it is a feeling like you are in some another planet, breathing alien planet’s atmosphere. An interesting effect is achieved due to the special light system - interactive light-installation, which was developed by the Faculty of Intermedia Design together with the Faculty of Computer Sciences from University of Applied Sciences. This construction was designed to show students the possibilities of computer modeling for the manufacturing technologies and design. The project was led by Professor Holger Hoffmann together with One Fine Day office.
[caption id="attachment_22514" align="alignnone" width="620"] Treehugger pavilion[/caption]

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