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White Kitchen is a Good Taste
White is a perfect color for the kitchen. It symbolizes purity and makes the room larger and brighter, supplementing the daylight. Since antiquity white color signified detachment from worldly things, aspirations to the spiritual simplicity. Kitchen is a proper room for disappearing from the bustle of the real world and staying along with your closest people. Designers use white color to expand the visual space. So if you have a small kitchen - white interior is the best for it. There is an opinion that the use of a single color for the interior of the room - it's bad taste. But there are some different shades of white. For example, there is a snow white, porcelain white, silver white, pearl white, milky white, marble white, ivory white and platinum white. So you can choose different shades of white to decorate and furnish your kitchen. An nice clean-looking feeling is given when white is used for basic wall color as well match the furniture also in white.

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