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Philipp Beisheim

Philipp Beisheim's Table 'Toad'
The main philosophy of popular scientific direction – synergetic – is that no one independent scientist can make an enough grand discovery as well as no one scientific field can do it independently. Demonstration of this philosophy we can watch in the projects and works of designer Philipp Beisheim. Today we want to introduce to you his project called “Toad”. This construction, containing of several segments, functions only when they are connected with each other. It is a table which can be useful as decorative stand, shelf or versatile side table. The "Toad" consists of three tabletops and three legs – each leg for appropriate tabletop. And at least two segments connected to each other acquire stability. This table looks very elegant and makes any room cozy.
[caption id="attachment_22540" align="alignnone" width="620"] Toad table[/caption]

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