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Shell office

Cosy and Unusual ‘Shoffice’ by Platform 5 Architects
Very unusual form for office was created by Platform 5 Architects. Like a giant shell it curls over itself enabling a comfortable and secure residence inside. ‘Shoffice’ is located in northwest London remotely from the bustling city life. Office combines several functions being backyard office, storage space and sculpture at the same time. Surrounded by the small walled garden space Shoffice has a special open area that provides a space to store gardening implements. There is a terrace in front of the office that also surrounded by the wooden shell curves but it has an opening at the top for lounging in the sun. The building has a glass walls on two sides of it which provides natural light and beautiful view. The curved construction is made with two steel ring beams, timber ribs and a stressed plywood skin.

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