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Series of Luxury Outdoor Furniture by Skyline Design
Today we'll tell about the wonderful series of luxury outdoor furniture by Skyline Design. The series includes a trio of special fixtures - daybeds with the most comfortable pieces of furniture to relax. The daybeds are crafted from wicker and cane, hand woven into special patterns. The cane is finished with water-resistant and washable materials, in addition the furniture is totally recyclable and Eco friendly. The collection consists of wonderful trio: Spartan day bed, Shade day bed and Iglu day bed. The Spartan day bed has two woven panels in a patented "Black Mushroom" finish with of freshly white lounge, rounded at a slight angle. The form itself is very romantic and beautiful. The Shade day bed has a conical silhouette, providing a cozy shady place for solitude. The Iglu day bed has a spherical design, resembling the bitten apple, just like the logo in three-dimensional view of the famous company Apple. The top of the day bed is removable, that gives a good providing of sunlight. The cozy cushions and pillows inside of it make it excellent for relaxing and reading.

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