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Swingrest Lounger for Hanging it Indoors and Outdoors: by Dedon
DEDON is a company, that is known for its interesting inventions for the home. Recently they released iconic Nestrest lounger, that has become very popular. Inspired by its popularity, Daniel Pouzet, co-architect and designer of Dedon Island, has created the Swingrest hanging lounger, which is even more functional, more spacious and suitable for almost any placement. The lounger comes with a special fabric curtain cover, the upholstery and cushions of different material and different colors are also available. The new design also has a basket-like bottom, reminding of a nest and at the same time it takes up less space that allows to hang it on the terrace or veranda. But the most remarkable thing is that it is perfect for hanging it outdoors, on a branch of a tall tree or above the water's edge.

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