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Steam Bentwood Chairs by Dohoon Kim

Just give a look to the work of the Korean designer Dohoon Kim. He has presented his new collection of steam bentwood chairs. These chairs are designed and manufactured by steaming wood processing technique which bends the wood in steaming condition. Such technique makes the design environmentally sustainable. Dohoon Kim used small amounts of wood and created this collection which looks rather simple but yet very stylish, elegant and beautiful. The material itself gives the ability of elasticity and durability. Some more advantages of steaming wood processing technique are free expression of formation and small deformation of wood. As Dohoon Kim says: The ‘Steam bentwood chair’ is one of my latest works that shows its organically structured form made with steam bent-wood technique. One look is just enough to see the original way how each pieces of wood connecting through each other. These chairs will be suitable in any interior.

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