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Wonderful Botel

The Botel for Exploring the Beautiful Surroundings of the Adriatic Sea
In almost all respects, it is a concept of an ordinary hotel; as others it is equipped with all of the expected amenities, including reservations desks, restaurant, cafe, bar, nightclub, rooftop terrace and swimming pool. The main difference is the autonomous room modules, which are equipped with solar power collectors and navigating global systems, allowing traveling around the Adriatic Sea and then return to the core structure. The main idea of Ivan Filipovic - the author of the project - is to let people to explore the beautiful surroundings of the Adriatic Sea with its thousands of islands at the same time being in different physical contexts. This kind of navigable hotels, so called 'Botels' (boat and hotel) is usually very popular for tourists, but this one with unique and extremely exciting feature will be especially alluring.

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