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Office Interiors

New Office for Ogilvy & Mather in Paris by Stéphane Malka Architecture

On the Champs-Elysees in Paris the new headquarters of Ogilvy & Mather has opened after reconstruction. The total building’s area is 7500m², so there was enough space for creativity. Especially for this project designers from Stéphane Malka Architecture has developed a modular system of transformable furniture, based on cubic elements of different heights. The main idea was to create an office space symbolizing contemporary dense city (Paris). New pieces of furniture were included into the interior of the office, such as: Inhabited Walls, Wkbench, Mutant Grounds, Wa-Walls. Contrasting colors of the ceilings and walls and unusual furnishing make office space striking and very functional at the same time. For more details you can visit the site.
office7 620x413 New Office for Ogilvy & Mather in Paris by Stéphane Malka Architecture Read the rest of this entry »

Ripple Vase by Oodesign

So beautiful and so naturally a flower in the vase by Japanese designers looks! Company ‘Oodesign‘ has created an unusual vase that has a wavy surface of transparent plastic, giving the impression of small ripple on the water. To heighten the effect the Ripple Vase should be put in a container with water, to merge two substances. Beautiful flower becomes more attractive when it floats by itself in ‘invisible’ vessel. The company’s products reflect its purpose: ‘Our goal is to find a new discovery that materials and shapes create’.
vase7 620x441 Ripple Vase by Oodesign Read the rest of this entry »

Semi equipment, Semi decor: Homedia TV by Robert Bronwasser

To give to an ordinary TV a natural and more suitable position within furniture interiors, designer Robert Bronwasser from SMOOL decided to dress it in fabric. The idea was to add a new spirit into the field which hasn’t been progressing for a long time, that is, to the design of the TV exterior. As a result the Homedia concept has appeared. Foreseeing a TV’s new future role as a decor, along with modifying the material and color palette of the TV, designer has tried to change a form of an equipment too. It has a streamlined shape, passing into triangular form at the bottom. Homedia will be shown during Milan Design Week 2013.
homedia tv robert bronwasser 2b 620x620 Semi equipment, Semi decor:  Homedia TV by Robert Bronwasser Read the rest of this entry »

Colorful Composition with Cactus

Cactus, planted in the sand of bright colors, is unusually beautiful and it certainly will enliven any workplace. Colorful gardens appeared in Japan in the 15th century and became very popular. Traditionally colorful gardens consisted of sand and stones, but in the present-day gardens stones have been replaced by cacti. Colorful sand – yellow, orange, purple, blue, black or white – with cactus looks very original especially in transparent pot. Beautiful patterns in the sand can be made with a thin stick, just use your imagination and you will get an excellent result. This is a perfect example of decor for office or computer place at home. By the way it may be a wonderful gift for friends.
cactus04 Colorful Composition with Cactus Read the rest of this entry »

Paper Donut: Office by Alexis Facca

Paper donut is a work of French designer. Alexis Facca is well known for his projects in paper art and set design. This office is not just one of ordinary works with paper; it is actually a piece of art. Time stood still in this office at the mark of 80 years. The idea was to recreate the office of a British advertising agency from 1980′s. Furniture, modeled on real world pieces, fully corresponds that time, and even the calendar is open to June 83. First vivid impression is produced by bright colors and well-chosen color combinations. But in general, the accuracy and thoroughness of all details’ reproduction impress most of all.
PaperDonut TheOffice 1 620x496 Paper Donut: Office by  Alexis Facca Read the rest of this entry »

“Beam Me Up” room in Ice Hotel by Christian Strömqvist, Karl-Johan Ekeroth and PINPIN Studio

This amazing room is located in the Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. Panorama of “Beam Me Up” room is absolutely unreal: ice forest and flying saucers with the beams of light coming out of them and trying to pick you up at faraway unknown galaxies. The walls and the ceiling are made out of snow whilst the beams are made of the ice from the clearest Torne River (Sweden). “In the suite, the visitors should feel like they are a part of a story, that something is going on around them and that they are involved.” say PINPIN, the creator of “Beam Me Up”. PINPIN Studio is known for their works with design for play and play situations especially for children.
beam me up ice hotel suite pinpin studio 4 620x413 Beam Me Up room in Ice Hotel by Christian Strömqvist, Karl Johan Ekeroth and PINPIN Studio Read the rest of this entry »

The Lamp of Dual Functionality by Studio Ninho

It is a very rare situation when one and the same object performs various functions. But such objects exist. Vinícius Lopes Leite and Gabriela Kuniyoshi – the designers of Brazilian Studio Ninho – have created a lamp and a board for messages at the same time. This lamp of dual functionality is called the ‘Luminaire Post’ looks really like the parcel. It’s packed very comfortably in dismantled form into a small package and it does not bring many difficulties and skills to assemble it. The messages can be easily placed right on the lampshade made of cork. The lamp throws a soft light enough to see written on the shade clearly. In spite of the elementary design and economical manufacturing process (using of sustainable materials) it looks very elegant and nice.

post 01 620x465 The Lamp of Dual Functionality by Studio Ninho

Luminaire Post

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The Minlab of the Danish Government

Denmark has been always the country of the freedom of expression and fantasies. And new fresh ideas are usually supported by the government. And this object is not the exception. The Minlab is a meeting facility, organized by the Danish government and designed by “easyoffces”, located in the Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs in Copenhagen. The aim of the whole internal design of the minlab is to achieve a successful work and ease of the exposition of ideas. The main construction is a conference room made in a shape of tank-like-egg. Inside of the room all the walls, floors and ceiling are colored in white and represent the board to write on it. Thus, this design is ideal for meetings. Now we can be sure that a Danish government’s job will not be stifling and boring.

minlab1 The Minlab of the Danish Government

Danish minlab

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