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House without walls

The House with Sliding Glass Walls by Studio MK27
Sometimes the walls are just the barriers, closing and restricting us from the beautiful landscapes outside. This V4 House by Studio MK27 has been nominated for a prize in the 2012 World Architecture Festival for its extraordinary design with sliding glass walls. Located among the nature, this house in Sao Paolo (Brazil) has an open access to the private front garden and rear patio. Due to its construction the building appears as the premises merged with nature and as a result represents as a single garden. The floating staircase outside leads up to the rooftop terrace, where another relaxation area is situated. The most suitable material for the walls the timber was chosen and for ceiling - the concrete. The interior design and furnishing on the one hand attaches a modern and luxury appearance and on the other creates comfortable warm environment. The living room, kitchen and dining area have an open space, overlooking a beautiful garden. And even the bathroom has an access to the sights of garden and open sky. The V4 House is a perfect combination of beauty and convenience.

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