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Santa teresa house

A Magnificent View from the House in Santa Teresa

SPBR Architects provide people the opportunity to enjoy great views of Rio de Janeiro which are open in the splendid house in Santa Teresa, a historical neighborhood of this city. It is situated on the highest point of Santa Teresa’s hill and the living space is about 481 sq. m while the total square of the project is 4,488 m. The architects take into consideration two levels created by nature – 120 m and 125 m above the sea level. From the north side of the house you can see an old downtown; from the south side a wonderful view of the Guanabara Bay and Pão de Açucar is opened. There is a block leading to the office and bedrooms on the lower level and on the east side a beautiful garden is found. At the higher plateau the living room is. There you will be fascinated by the breathtaking views. According to the architects’ idea the blocks of the house are opened and closed in such a way as to save the house from the sun and to attract attention to the panorama.

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