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Tower House

Tower House by Andersson Wise Architects

Tower House in Austin, Texas is a new project by Andersson Wise Architects. On the shore of Lake Travis there are several single-storey summer houses built in the 1930s. Tower House was one of them, surrounded by oak and pine trees, the house consisted of one small bedroom, a living room, kitchen and a terrace overlooking the lake. The client wanted to expand the residence, adding two bedrooms with a bathroom and more spacious living room. So the architects have erected an additional tower, made of wood, where sleeping area is situated. Two small bedrooms occupy the first and second floors. Above, a third level terrace opens to a panorama of the lake and distant rolling hills. On this terrace, some thirty feet above the ground, even the hottest summer afternoon can be enjoyed under a roof. Light breezes and a canopy will take care of it.

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