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Westlake Drive House

Westlake Drive House by James D. LaRue Architects
James D. LaRue Architects  has completed an amazing project of residential Westlake Drive house in Austin, Texas. The elegant building is located on a steep slope and a bridged entry leads directly into a glass-walled living area that overlooks the expansive golf course below. The total area of ??Westlake Drive is 440 sq.m. The mansion consists of three separate blocks, which are connected by bridges, bays and even a mini-streets. On the territory there is also a beautiful garden. Stone structures are distinguished by a large number of windows and glass elements (bridges, terraces and stairs), which creates an interesting contrast between the brutality and fragility, the massiveness and weightlessness. And despite all its architectural complexity and intricacy, the mansion Westlake Drive blends well with the surrounding nature.

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